17.05.25 - Ghoul 2

If you know me, then you may also know that I haven’t posted anything in a while. The reason? I don’t know what to put in posts. Well, I do know I should put in my art (of course), but what do I say? What are people interested? Are people even interested? I learned that if I can’t get people with my art, I should get them with my words (weird phrase, sorry). If you have any idea of what you want me to talk about, then please share that with me. For now, I’ll just talk about trivial things.


If you’ve heard of Tokyo Ghoul, then you’ve heard of Kaneki Ken, which is who I’ve drawn a fanart of. I’m proud to say, I see my style starting to develop (although it’s barely developed). This piece was from a short while ago, and I have a lot of other drawings to share.

At that time when making Kaneki, I was really stressing on my style. I mean, what am I doing?! My art style was going everywhere. The worst part is that I didn’t like any of them. Sure, there were pieces I was happy about, but none of them really said that they were made by me. I began to experiment with different styles and ways of colouring. It was then when I made Kaneki and found something I want to continue in that way. My newly found process was simple, quick and something that can let me be free with my art.

And that is how I got a spark of hope that maybe I can get that style that people say to wait for. Well, I’m still waiting. My style isn’t “my style” yet. I still have much to learn and develop. After all, our journey in art doesn’t have an end.


Kaneki Ken (and a few questions)

Here’s a fanart of Kasane Teto, an utauloid. I know now that I haven’t been pushing myself, so I decided to draw more things. Well, here the biggest challenges were just the clothes and hands (and colouring), but hands really are hard to draw and I admire anyone who can draw them well. From now on, I’ll draw things I’m not familiar with and (hopefully) improve.


The webtoon Hooky is one of my favourite things. It has great art, a great story and awesome characters. My love for it has led me to drawing a fanart of one of its main characters, Dani.

I wanted to draw something that made use of black, grey and white. I thought of Hooky because the characters are perfect for what I wanted. I made this simple so I can use my blacks, greys and whites. It turned out how I thought it would be unlike my other drawings so this is one that became an achievement.


031-nozomiYeah, I finally drew someone from Love Live! I’m really proud of how this one turned out. I was scared that the hand will mess up the whole drawing, but fortunately, the rest of the drawing draws attention away from the hands. I guess as long as no one focuses on the hands it should be fine…

I feel like I’m getting the hang of colouring now. I guess keeping it simple gives the best results. Or, maybe I’m just not good at not-simple colouring. Either way, I think I’ll try getting better with this way of colouring.


I was actually having a hard time drawing the day before. I sat at the computer for around two hours wanting to draw myself a new wallpaper for my phone until I gave up. I literally forgot how to draw. So, I spent the rest of the day watching speed painting videos.

Later that night, I woke up with a thought. I should draw yandere! I thought about how I should draw it until I fell asleep again. And that brought me to draw this.

I had a really hard time drawing the hand. There weren’t any good references so I had to form it from a closed fist. At least I drew it in the end.

This is Gasai Yuno from Mirai Nikki/Future Diary. I see her as the yandere of yanderes. In fact, she was the first yandere I knew of.

Her Dark Secret by rfeb11


From now on, I guess I’ll try to talk more…

This is Chitoge Kirisaki. I drew her from a small request. She’s from Nisekoi.
It was at this point that I noticed that all my drawing looks similar. I wanted to do something to make them more varied. So, to start, I’ll draw more varied poses. This is my first attempt.
I messed up the face at first. The eye was at a weird angle and the mouth was just bad. Two people had to point that out before I noticed. Of course, I changed it and it certainly looks better than it did. This is why I like receiving criticism and not just a complaint which doesn’t specify why it’s bad.
I’m still not good at shading. It looks odd in this artwork. The highlights also look too bright. My last post was (in my opinion) good but I guess it was just because I knew the angle… I’ll get better someday.

I don’t know what I achieved by writing a bit more than usual, but at least it has more content…maybe?

Chitoge Kirisaki by rfeb11