I am really proud of this one. Although it was fairly quick, everything turned out the way I planned in my head. My artwork usually changes once I start drawing, but this one didn’t.



Is it a boy or a girl? I am not so sure anymore. That aside, I like how this one turned out. The colouring is okay and the lineart is decent. If you look closely, you can see I tried something new with my lines. It looks off, but I think I have an idea of how to draw them the next time. What I like most about this one is the highlight. The white on the face just makes everything seem…brighter in a way. This was a simple drawing, but probably one of my best so far.


I tried a new pose. I’m happy about everything except the shoes. Then again, I don’t recall ever drawing shoes…

I did something different with shading. I added an outline to the shaded areas and kept it simple.


I drew this around Valentine’s Day time and it’s a bit late, but here it is. I made it Valentine themed (of course). The hardest part of doing this was deciding the colour of the tie. Going with black seemed so boring seeing what I chose for the hair and vest… So, Valentine’s colours is the result.

When I look back at my artwork, I always end up in awe. No, it’s not because I find my artwork good (I always find flaws and room to improve so I’m never satisfied). Rather, I find it hard to believe that I’ve improved so much. Just a year ago, my drawings looked like this:

So really, I continue to draw because I love doing it, and I wanna see how far I can go. I’ve already made it so far. I’m sure I’ll keep surprising myself.

I Heart (and old drawing)

The webtoon Hooky is one of my favourite things. It has great art, a great story and awesome characters. My love for it has led me to drawing a fanart of one of its main characters, Dani.

I wanted to draw something that made use of black, grey and white. I thought of Hooky because the characters are perfect for what I wanted. I made this simple so I can use my blacks, greys and whites. It turned out how I thought it would be unlike my other drawings so this is one that became an achievement.