17.05.25 - Ghoul 2

If you know me, then you may also know that I haven’t posted anything in a while. The reason? I don’t know what to put in posts. Well, I do know I should put in my art (of course), but what do I say? What are people interested? Are people even interested? I learned that if I can’t get people with my art, I should get them with my words (weird phrase, sorry). If you have any idea of what you want me to talk about, then please share that with me. For now, I’ll just talk about trivial things.


If you’ve heard of Tokyo Ghoul, then you’ve heard of Kaneki Ken, which is who I’ve drawn a fanart of. I’m proud to say, I see my style starting to develop (although it’s barely developed). This piece was from a short while ago, and I have a lot of other drawings to share.

At that time when making Kaneki, I was really stressing on my style. I mean, what am I doing?! My art style was going everywhere. The worst part is that I didn’t like any of them. Sure, there were pieces I was happy about, but none of them really said that they were made by me. I began to experiment with different styles and ways of colouring. It was then when I made Kaneki and found something I want to continue in that way. My newly found process was simple, quick and something that can let me be free with my art.

And that is how I got a spark of hope that maybe I can get that style that people say to wait for. Well, I’m still waiting. My style isn’t “my style” yet. I still have much to learn and develop. After all, our journey in art doesn’t have an end.


Kaneki Ken (and a few questions)


#004 - In the Darkness

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