[Doodle] Products of Procrastination

Whenever I’m working (on homework), I always find myself doodling on sticky notes. It’s a fairly good way of procrastinating, and it usually results in the last minute rush. Although it’s bad for my homework, I find myself trying new styles and even drawing inanimate objects. A lot of my completed art originated from doodles on scrap pieces of paper. It may be a form of procrastination, but I guess this habit is better than others.


And yet another drawing I put my time in instead of my current project. Well, it was my decision so I can’t blame it on anything other than myself…

I was planning on polishing this, making a cleaner line art and colouring it. But, along the way in doing the line art, I found the sketch more appealing. I guess this is one of those pieces that are better left unpolished…or not. It may just be my lack of skill and style.

[Sketch] Thinking to Myself