Overwatch Fanart: Mei (Chinese New Year)


Here’s my first commission from someone I know. This is my attempt at drawing Mei from Overwatch. I’ve been avoiding complicated character designs for a while, but challenges have to be accepted at some point. Plus, I get something back for my effort.

Drawing her was no doubt hard. There aren’t many references for this specific skin (Mei’s Chinese New Year) so some parts were guessed (and left out). There’s also the fact I don’t know much about Overwatch so… difficulty is increased. The requester was fortunately not strict about this. I was saved from the specific designs on her clothes and whatever was on her back.

Most of the time it took to draw this was in the lineart. To save myself again, I cel-shaded, which is basically shading without gradients or blending. I’ve probably also saved the art from being worse since I don’t know what exactly I’m doing yet. This piece depends mostly on the character design to “look good”.

Getting a commission really boosted my confidence. Although it gets me anxious about the outcome (money is getting involved), I’m glad I took it. The requester was really nice about it and didn’t mind much about it. I guess I should get better so my confidence and self-esteem will increase without the money.


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