Looking back at my old art, I noticed that they were similar in some way–the pose. Not experimenting and learning new things will limit my skill. So, with this one, I tried something new.

I’m not good with anatomy, and I won’t bother to learn it soon (I’m lazy). Drawing this was difficult thanks to my laziness. I trusted my instinct and some references. The girl ended up decent enough. The pillow, though, is questionable. It doesn’t look like a pillow and everyone asks what it is. I learned from that mistake and noted that I hardly drew anything other than people. If I were to use references again, I will find some with pillows.

When choosing what colours to use, I thought “sweet”. Pink came up first and that’s what I used. This time, I wanted to make the colouring pleasing. After colouring everything, I messed around with the hues, brightness, saturation, etc. settings. This art piece, in my opinion, is the best one colour-wise. I’m satisfied with what I ended up with.



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