Chitoge Kirisaki by rfeb11


From now on, I guess I’ll try to talk more…

This is Chitoge Kirisaki. I drew her from a small request. She’s from Nisekoi.
It was at this point that I noticed that all my drawing looks similar. I wanted to do something to make them more varied. So, to start, I’ll draw more varied poses. This is my first attempt.
I messed up the face at first. The eye was at a weird angle and the mouth was just bad. Two people had to point that out before I noticed. Of course, I changed it and it certainly looks better than it did. This is why I like receiving criticism and not just a complaint which doesn’t specify why it’s bad.
I’m still not good at shading. It looks odd in this artwork. The highlights also look too bright. My last post was (in my opinion) good but I guess it was just because I knew the angle… I’ll get better someday.

I don’t know what I achieved by writing a bit more than usual, but at least it has more content…maybe?


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